Check Out This Cat’s Reaction When She Finds Out She’s Pregnant!

Living in the harsh winters of Greenland is pretty tough for humans and it can be deadly for stray animals for sure. Finding food and shelter in these conditions is the hardest part of living in these areas – it can be almost impossible for even the most skilled hunters!

Recently, the shelter home of Dyrenes Venner rescued a home from Nuuk (Greenland capital) when they found it in a basement of an abandoned building hiding from the cold.

One of the staff members named the rescued kitty Ulla. Ulla easily adjusted to the warm surroundings and was obviously happy that she was saved from the harsh conditions outside.

In just a short time, Ulla became friends with everyone at the shelter, including the staff and animals.

Ulla is over a year old and loves everyone in her new home. However, after a while, it turned out that Ulla had the ultimate surprise for everyone at the shelter.

Staff members from the Dyrenes Venner noticed that the cat has been putting on weight, but they couldn’t figure out why. Fearing her health, they examined Ulla closely and were amazed to find tiny kittens in her belly!

Ulla shared their disbelief and look shocked when hearing the news. Everything was caught on tape – take a look at Ulla’s reaction when she finds out she’s pregnant – we promise it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!