Kitten on His Road to Recovery After Being Bitten by Larger Animal

GRANTS PASS, OREGON.– A cat is now on his way to recovery.

The Rogue Valley Humane Society said that Trooper is the first cat it has seen with such extensively large bite wounds. The non-profit said a dog or perhaps other large animal bit the cat.

The Humane Society decided to invest in this cat, and instead of amputating his leg, the non-profit put Trooper in surgery.

“If you can imagine something ten times our size, biting down to the bone and crushing and breaking a bone, and leaving open, gaping wounds,” Cat Coordinator Nina Smith stated. “I mean, that’s gotta be pretty horrendous.”

And yet, Trooper showed love to those trying to help him.


The Rogue Valley Humane Society said it is currently accepting donations to help with Trooper’s medical bills. You may donate here, or at the non-profit:…/donations/

Yet another good reason to keep cats indoors!