Tiny Calico Kitten Claims the Shoulder of a Carpenter, It Was Love at First Sight!

One day at a farm, something remarkable happened. It was the type of experience many of us cat lovers have either had or would love to have, someday.

A tiny farm kitten climbed up the arm of a man who had been working there and for no apparent reason, decided to simply climb up on his shoulder and simply … stay there!


The lucky man happened to be a carpenter from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

He had no sooner finished up his work when this wee one of a calico kitten decided to claim his shoulder as her own!

“She just walked up to me and meowed once and when I picked her up, she crawled up onto my shoulder,” reddit user GodlyGrilledCheese said.


“The place was near my workshop (which is at my boss’ house). They live in one of the insulated barns on his land. So she’s alright, I see her walking around every once in a while.”

He would have loved to adopt the sweet little girl but unfortunately, is not allowed to have pets where he lives. He is still hoping to find a forever home for his biggest fan!

“Their little nest is nice and warm during the day and night, lots of blankets for them,” he told Amy of Love Meow.



“As a super manly man, I’m actually super stoked to get a lil meow.”

What an amazing feeling it is to be “chosen” by a cat! Isn’t it?