How Much is That “Bobcat” in The Window?

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – When San Jose residents walk by Colleen Pizarev’s home, they often pause when they almost always notice a large, beastly-like feline sitting in her window.

Is it a bobcat maybe? Could it be a lynx?

Complete strangers actually knock on Pizarev’s door to express concern that she might be harboring some kind of wild, exotic animal. Some have even contacted Animal Control, although no Animal Control officers have ever actually investigated the claims.

“It’s not some dangerous wild animal,” Pizarev laughs; it’s “Spock,” Pizarev’s very large and very friendly house cat.

“He is very unique,” Pizarev told CBS News reporters. “But it’s not so much him that’s unique, it’s his breed — they’re all like this.”

The 27-pound, 46-inch-long purebred Maine Coon is one of the largest breed of domestic cat in entire the world, and is certainly huge enough to turn heads when he walks into a room.

“When people see him in the window they don’t see he has a tail or pointed ears and want to express concern,” the owner explained.

The indoor cat’s story went viral after a newspaper reported on a cat who makes a “scary” first impression.

“I’ve been taken aback by the notoriety,” Pizarev said. “It’s a little overwhelming.”

Nearly 4,000 people now follow this gigantic cat named after a “Star Trek” character on Facebook after reading his story.

What’s the first thing Spock hears when he walks into a room?: “Oh my gosh.”

bob cat 1-min

“When people see him, that’s what they say,” said Pizarev, with an understanding that her cat is quite a bit larger than most house cats.

Pizarev wants to assure residents and neighbors that Spock is completely harmless.

Spock is “like every other adolescent.”

He’s addicted to YouTube, runs around the house and occasionally breaks household items with his force– like coffee cups.

“He can’t control it; he’s like a big puppy,” Pizarev joked.

As soon as Pizarev hears a knock on her door and a stranger on her porch, she can only assume it’s about Spock.

“I take the opportunity to explain to them about Maine Coons,” Pizarev said. “They do feel silly, start laughing and then it’s over.”

Although it does make for a funny story, Pizarev hopes Spock’s story helps others learn more about this unusual but breath-taking breed.

“They make wonderful pets and they’re not scary,” Pizarev said. “They’re very, very gentle creatures.”

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