Buddy the Cat & His Tiny Human Grow Up Together

This adorable cat, whose name is Buddy, was so excited when he first noticed that his human mama was pregnant. It’s quite obvious that Buddy the cat couldn’t wait to see her tiny human.

He always laid on his mama’s tummy and looked like he is already communicating with the baby.

“Buddy loved to lay on my belly. He would start purring and she would rub up against where he would be laying. She loved the purr! She still loves to lay her head on him when he’s purring,” wrote Buddy’s mom.

Buddy finally saw his human sister. and no one can deny that they are both adorable

Here are Buddy & his baby sister dreaming together…

After many months, Buddy and his sister are still inseparable.

Even up to now, this sweet duo truly loves and treasures each other.

They are truly BFF’s!

Photo credits: Swatasha260 │ via: catloverscommunity.com