A Kitten Called Wanda, and Her Brand New BFF

Nine Lives Foundation reports: “WANDA was brought to Nine Lives on Tuesday December 29th by a caring family who found her shivering & huddled next to a garbage can near their home.

Unable to care for her, they came to us hoping we might help her – they had named her WANDA. Her left eye was crusted shut & her right eye infected & draining.

WANDA is approximately 12 weeks old but extremely thin and barely 2 lbs. It turns out that her left eye never developed in the socket and her right eye has been damaged beyond repair by a ruptured corneal ulcer – WANDA is completely blind.

She was placed in the same cage as SMURF, (the kitty who was dyed purple in a heinous act of animal cruelty,) on her very first day and has become bonded with him.

We will send them into foster care together next week yes … THEY WILL BE ADOPTED TOGETHER!

Every cat at Nine Lives has a unique story as all of them have come to us because they had no other option at a traditional shelter.

Nine Lives is truly a no kill shelter because we do not reject animals who are injured or sick – we do everything thing we can to restore their health and find them permanent homes!

WANDA has taken on a purple hue from snuggling with SMURF! Check out her under belly.

SMURF continues to improve & his wounds are healing well!”

We here at The Best Cat Page salute The Nine Lives Foundation for all they do and we look forward to hearing (and seeing,) more from this adorable couple.

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Watch the heart-warming video of this inseparable couple, Smurf and Wanda!

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