Truck Driver Stopped In The Rain To Save An Almost Dead Cat – And Then, a Miracle!

A black cat was lying completely motionless, in a puddle on the side of the road in British Columbia on March, 10th. The weather was terrible, the cat was in pain and everyone was driving by thinking the cat was already dead.

No one bothered to stop.

However, one man’s instinct told him something else!

“You almost hit a dead cat,” the passenger of Dennis McDonald, who is a 45-year-old truck driver, said to him.

“I look quickly at the passenger mirror and honestly, something hit me. Tears started to well up [in my eyes] and I said, ‘I don’t believe that he’s dead. I’m turning around.’ I knew I couldn’t carry on with my day if I hadn’t gone back,”,” explained McDonald, who already had two cats of his own.

Dennis’s empathy and intuition are exactly what saved the life of this 3-year old cat lying on the road.

By the time Dennis reached the cat, another motorist had stopped to check on the cat as well. The cat was in really horrific shape, but luckily, it showed signs of life. The motorist gave Dennis a box so that he could transport the cat to the nearest vet.

“I took the length of my arm and put it under [the cat] to support him entirely and managed to get him in the box and back to the truck,” McDonald stated.

Dennis then drove the cat to the Burnaby SPCA where he could receive the help he needed.

“On the way out the door I told them, without hesitation, that if the owners don’t step up, I’d like to have the first opportunity to adopt him,” McDonald stated, adding if “by miracle” the cat managed to pull through his extensive injuries.

The cat, who Dennis named BB-8 is now living happily with her new owner and savior!