Calico Kitten Survives Lawn Mower Accident, Finds New Home!

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA —A 5-week-old kitten probably used up one of her nine lives over the weekend in West Des Moines.

The small calico kitten does not have a have a name yet, however, Miracle might be a good choice. The kitten’s left rear leg and tail are now gone as the result of a lawn mower incident.

“Her tail was missing, some skin was missing on her back, her left foot was missing and her shin bones were both sticking out,” West Des Moines veterinarian Dr. Jessica Merk stated.Merk helped to save the kitten’s life, but the rescue actually started much earlier.“I thought was really strange that I heard a cat meow, and I thought, ‘What is that?’” stated Jayme Robbins, who found the kittenRobbins was working inside her office at the Des Moines Plastic Surgery close-by to 60th St. and Westown Parkway. She found the injured kitten laying in the grass and rushed to her the vet.

“At that time I thought it looked pretty disastrous, but we can save her,” Merk explained. “She’s a real special one. She’s just been happy throughout the entire procedure.”

Robbins stated she decided to adopt the kitten as soon as she knew it would be OK.

“To be honest, my dog got hit and killed in January and the person never stopped,” Robbins stated.

Robbins said she wanted to make absolutely sure the kitten did not suffer the same fate.

As far as the kitten’s prognosis goes, Merk said she should be just fine, except she will have three legs and no tail.

“I don’t think she will ever remember that leg,” Merk stated. “I think she is going to do just fine.”

“So yeah, she’s just a kitten. Ready to run, ready to play and to just be normal,” Robbins stated.

Robbins explains she hopes viewers will offer some ideas on naming the three-legged kitten.