Truly Hilarious But Helpful Guide To Giving Your Cat A Pill

Giving a cat a pill to help it is one of the most difficult tasks human kind has ever experienced! If you have ever tried to do it, then you know exactly what that entails!

1) The first and most important step: the cat-burrito. It may be a purrito but don’t be fooled, it won’t end well for you.

2) You then go ahead and apply the force on it, for some reason (especially useful if your cat does not like burritos).

3) Sing along with your cat, it soothes his pain for being totally and completely humiliated.

4) Let him have a little bite of your finger, it will force him to draw a smile on his face so you can see him happy for the last time of your life. At the very same time, take advantage of his mouth opened to approach quietly with the syringe.

4b) If you don’t want to have your finger bitten clean off, here is the wrapped-Toothless-with-teeth version of the mouth opening step.

4c) And here is the happy seal soon-to-be-angry way.

4d) You can also take him from behind, so you don’t have to look right into his imploring eyes (imploring for your own safety, not his own fate, however, some discovered that only too late)

5) And there it is, the pill is in the seal, repeat, the pill is in the seal!

6) Comfort and pet him afterwards of course, before releasing it : you can see in his eyes that he is already thinking on the most awful revenge-killing for you. Maybe eat your face before or after making you stumble in the stairs? Fur-choking you right during your sleep or jump-scare you to death while you’re watching TV? Nevertheless, your dark destiny is now sealed, you have it coming!