Watching This Adorable Cat Pose In A Mirror Will Leave You In Stitches

Sox seems to be a bit obsessed with the image in the mirror. First off, she stands up to see better. Perhaps it is the movement across the room that initially catches her attention?

As she raises herself up on her hind feet to get a better look, she certainly seems to be trying to find her perfect pose!

Sox then watches herself move around and seems to be trying to get a better look.

Waving her feet, she closely watches in “other cat” wave back. Then she pauses, as if waiting for her reflection to make the next move.

When nothing further seems to happen, she stands up again and watches to see what will happen.

Sox doesn’t seem to get tired of watching herself in the mirror.

Perhaps she’s the prettiest thing she’s ever seen!

Watch Sox in her adorable video. She is just – SO DARN CUTE!

Photo/video credits: FRASER NAPIER