Dog And Cheetah Met As Babies And Now They Are Best Friends

This is the heart-warming story of Ruuxa the cheetah and Raina the dog from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

These two adorable furbabies truly represent an embodiment of the phrase ‘best friends forever,’ and their story is one that will warm your heart.

At an exceptionally young age, the two were introduced to each other and they immediately formed a very strong bond.

They became absolutely inseparable. So much so that when it was discovered that Ruuxa’s front limbs were not developing the correct way, Raina never left his side.

It turns out that Ruuxa was born with a growth abnormality in his legs. Instead of his front limbs growing straight, like any other cheetah’s front limbs would, they grew in a bowing shape instead.
Naturally, the trainers were unsure if Ruuxa would ever be able to run.

It wasn’t until the zoo’s veterinarians managed to get involved that there was any hope for Ruuxa being able to run. Collectively, they decided that a corrective surgery was the best way to go, and who should be there during the operation? Well, none other then Ruuxa’s very loyal puppy pal Raina, of course.

Raina faithfully remained by Ruuxa’s side throughout the entire surgery. She literally wouldn’t leave him. And then, during Ruuxa’s recovery, Raina refused to be anywhere else once again, but at Ruuxa’s side. She was extremely gentle with him and also very cautious of his bandages, and aided in his recovery immensely.

Today, Ruuxa participates in the Zoo’s Cheetah run and she reaches speeds up to 70-75 mph, which in and of itself is incredible!

And who is there running right beside? His very own best furry friend, Raina, of course!

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