Two Cats Who Aren’t Able to Walk Still Find Ways To “Run” And Play Together

2asefaf-minWhile overcoming ailments and disabilities is a major accomplishment for any person, the same goes for animals.

They, too, often have to learn to live with debilitating injuries they were born with or those they received through abuse.

Meet Paddywhack and Mohawk, who are two disabled cats who were found in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Not only were they abandoned and left to ‘make their own way’, but they both had the inability to use their hind legs.

Mohawk and Paddywhack were found together. They had been abandoned in a cardboard box. Neither of them had any mobility at all in their hind legs. Their rescuers assumed their paralysis was caused by years of abuse!


Worried, the rescuers took them over to Toronto Cat Rescue, which is an emergency clinic. After a series of X-rays were performed, the vets learned that the cats hadn’t suffered injuries, but were instead born with paralyzed hind legs.


Heather Brown, who is executive director of Toronto Cat Rescue, brought them home and quickly realized that their injuries didn’t prohibit them from getting around and playing!

Heather firmly believes that the previous owner may have given up on them because of their disability.


We sincerely hope that Mohawk and Paddywhack find a home soon

They truly have been through so much and they deserve to be loved.

Photo credits: Toronto Cat Rescue