Two Rescue Cat Mothers Raise Their 12 Kittens Together!

It was raining kittens at Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)! Rescue sister cats Kanji and Sushii gave birth to twelve little fur-balls! The two wonderful cat moms were raising their babies together. What a team they made!

“These mamas are inseparable and share duties caring for their newborns (such as nursing),” VOKRA writes at Facebook.

Kanji and Sushii have been inseparable since day one. They were together when they were pregnant and they are taking care of each other’s fur babies now. “The mothers are SO loving to each other. They groom each other and nurse each other’s kittens interchangeably. Another bonus, when 1 mother needs a break, the other can be on duty,” said Elaine R. at Facebook.

“We always work hard to adopt bonded pairs together. These mamas sure are a great team, aren’t they?” VOKRA added.

They were even inseparable when they were pregnant.

They groomed each other and nursed each other’s kittens interchangeably.

What a remarkable pair of cats!