Mr. Jones, the Cat Who Was Found At the Dump

Reddit user Arterially wrote: “Trashcan Jones got left at the dump. Doesn’t get him down, though.”

“He was brought to the vet clinic I work at inside a computer mouse box by some kind workers, popped out and has purred just about ever since.

Despite having a pile of issues including a pretty gnarly eye ulcer, nutrition-related skeletal issues and cat flu, it was decided that he had a zest for life we could not stand to extinguish. Now he lives a cushy life with the rest of my unfortunate vet-nurse crowd. He even got a cool zombie-eye out of it.”

“He’s still young. We estimate he came in at about 5 weeks.”

Meet Mr. Jones. He was rescued from a dump, but nothing gets him down!

A little bit of love makes him feel like the happiest kitty in the world!

“Now that his eye ulcers are fixed his eyes are permanently in love mode.”

He was found in at a dump but now he’s living the life of a little king!

This is what happens when love comes through!