Young Biker Climbs Tree to Save Two Frightened Kittens – w/VIDEO

You can always tell when springtime is approaching by watching and studying the behaviors of the animals. When cats start sprinting across busy streets for no apparent reason and climbing up trees, rest assured, spring is probably on it’s way!

The two particular kittens in this story took the second route. They climbed high up into a tree and were simply too frightened to try and get back down by themselves!

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“I was going home after a ride with my bike. I heard two little kittens meow for their mom. The only problem was both of them were in a tree around 10 meters tall, and they couldn’t get down anymore,” Flavius Cristea said.

Flavius went on to explain how he tried to climb the tree without a rope first but the plan failed because he couldn’t secure himself.

He then decided to go with Plan B! He returned home to grab some climbing gear!

“I just ran home to get a rope and I made my way up to them and saved them,” he said.

Once he got himself up into the tree securely, Flavius was able to grab one of the wee ones, stuffing him into a bag so that even if the kitten struggled, he wouldn’t fall. He then handed the first kitten down to his friend who was waiting below for the hand off!

Flavius then climbed back up to get the second kitty the same exact way!

“It took around 15-20 minutes. I’m not scared of heights,” he said.


“After that I found a warm home for the (sweeties),” Flavius added.

What an amazing rescue story!

Photo/video credits: LAVIUS CRISTEA