Vet Caught Red-handed Punching and Choking Animals – Gets His Job ….

CANADA – A veterinarian, as we all know, is supposed to be responsible for helping sick animals, not hurting them. However, in one Ontario community, this vet has decided to use their access to animals for evil instead. The particular vet in this story was found to be treating animals as poorly as possible and when they were allowed to keep their job despite this fact, the community rallied around the poor creatures.

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario suspended the vet while questioning him after a disturbing video surfaced of Mahavir Singh Rekhi choking and striking pets that were supposed in his loving care. Unfortunately, this was not one isolated incident.

Fellow employees at the clinic even submitted a wide range of videos, all of which were used as evidence of Rekhi’s repeatedly abusive and vile behavior. This despicable human being even felt it necessary to hit a dog in the face while he was under the influence of an anesthetic and had no means of defending himself.

While Rekhi did plead guilty to the charges of professional misconduct and ended up receiving a fine and suspension, the fact that he was allowed to return to Skyway Animal Hospital once the suspension has lifted has infuriated local residents.

Protesters were in no way willing to accept these unsatisfying circumstances without a fight and they gathered at the aforementioned to voice their frustrations and concerns about this very serious matter. Their message has been heard loud and clear: abuse of animals cannot and indeed will not be tolerated for any reason.

With any luck at all, this man’s license will be revoked before he has the chance to abuse any more innocent animals.

Feel free to share this story with your closest friends and family members, so that we can spread the word about the dangers of animal abuse and stop living a world where organizations are somehow willing to look the other way on these matters.