Video Clip Of Cat Engaging Squirrel In An Epic Staring Contest

It should come as no surprise that squirrels are actually the nemeses of our dogs and cats. Most pet lovers are well aware of the constant, ongoing battle between our cats and these little rodents. And as we already know so well, squirrels are renown for taunting our cats deliberately, or at least, it may appear that they enjoy teasing them.

With our cats often indoors, hopefully, there’s pretty much no way they can catch the squirrels and it’s apparent that the rodents know this! Yet, as you are about to see in the video clip below, one cat wasn’t about to let some silly window stop him from accepting the challenge of a neighborhood rodent.

“The Stand Off,” as the video is aptly called, focuses on 8-year-old Milo pawing at a squirrel through the window. The squirrel had apparently come over to get some sunflower seeds on the windowsill but ended up in a staring contest with the feline homeowner.

Milo’s owner, whose name is Diane Mitchell, said to People, “[Milo] had just come in from outside when the little squirrel borrowed underneath the snow to get the sunflower seeds at the base of our window.”

This video has been viewed already by in upwards of 114,000 times …