Whining Dog That Wants To Rest Tries Everything to Get the Cat Off His Bed! – VIDEO!

After a long, hard day, sometimes all you want to do is just curl up and have that well-deserved rest.

Well, try to spare a thought for this dog, who returned home to find the cat had stolen its bed. And despite several vain efforts to reclaim the spot, the feline was not budging.

The clip, which was filmed in Spain, begins with the canine, named Arya, lifting up one of the corners of the bed in the hope of nudging Fenrir the cat off.

When that fails, the dog takes a rueful look towards the exit door, almost as if he is pondering and planning his next plan of attack.

But his plan isn’t the best one as he decides to sit on the corner of the bed. After a chuckle from the person doing the filming, the dog then lets out a series of whines as this particular confrontation appears to be taking its toll.

Suddenly, however, Arya gets a second wind and springs right back into action.

He bounds around to the other side of the mat, and actually nudges the cat twice, before using its head to try and roll up the bed.

But still the Fenrir sits, calm and relaxed and completely unperturbed by what’s going on around it.

The dog gives one final effort, moving the mat from left to right, but on this occasion, there’s only one winner!