Apology Given Over Pet Cat’s Ashes Mistake!

UNITED KINGDOM – A pet owner has been left completely devastated after a mix-up over her cat’s ashes.

Jenny Oliva and her “heartbroken” 11-year-old daughter Katie wanted to have their Twinkle Star’s body cremated so they could take her ashes back home.

However, an error meant that after the cat was cremated, the ashes were not returned to Miss Oliva.

Dr. Austin Kirwan, practice principal at Barn Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Ormskirk, has apologized for the error.

Miss Oliva found Twinkle Star collapsed in her garage late on Bank Holiday Monday, May 30.

Three-year-old Lily Oliva-Campbell with Twinkle Star

Three-year-old Lily Oliva-Campbell with Twinkle Star

She immediately phoned her usual veterinary practice and was transferred to an out-of-hours service in Manchester.

However, Miss Oliva wanted to go somewhere closer, so she found Barn Lodge online and took Twinkle Star there.

She was told that Twinkle Star was dying and that she was put to sleep.

Miss Oliva, who has four children who are aged three to 14, stated: “They asked what I wanted to do with the body.

“I had my 11-year-old daughter with me and she was heartbroken because it was quite sudden. She wanted to have her cremated and bring her home.

“I paid for that service. I was told that in a week they would ring me and we could pick her up. The phone call never came.”

Instead, Miss Oliva, who is 34, phoned the practice herself to find out where the ashes were.

Miss Oliva stated: “I wanted to take her home so we could have closure on her unexpected death.”

Dr. Kirwan explained to the Evening Post that Twinkle Star was taken to a pet crematorium in Leyland.

However, an error meant her ashes were not given to Miss Oliva, of Longbrook, Shevington, once the body was cremated.

The veterinary hospital has apologized to Miss Oliva and gave her a full refund.