Woman Goes Out For A Jog, Comes Home With A Miracle

A kind young woman went for a her daily jog but came home with a tiny stray gray kitten who desperately needed lots of help and TLC.

“(I) went for a jog and found this little guy with his eyes sealed shut from an infection,” said dmitrigreene via imgur. “I gave him a bath, but he was so dehydrated he was trying to drink the water.”

“The next day, he was sitting up, but still had a hard time holding his head up. This was when I was really worried he wasn’t going to make it through…”

The kitty was so small that his face was just about the size of a teaspoon.

She gave him a very needed flea bath and gave him water to help him cope with the dehydration he was suffering from.

She named her new little prince, Dmitrius.

The next day, he was still not out of the woods and was having a very hard time holding his head up.

Once he got his appetite back, things slowly started to improve for him.

Dmitrius was still not very active yet, but was starting to get interested in things around him.

Then suddenly his spirit awakened.

Another flea bath was needed! “Slowly figuring out how to groom himself…He still isn’t very good at it since he never had a mom to teach him.”

Dmitrius loves sleeping in his mom’s shoes.

He’s a very affectionate cat today and loves being cradled justlike a baby.

Just look at how beautiful this fur-baby is today!

When loves comes to the rescue, anything is possible.

Source: lovemeow.com