Hero Cat Saves His Human From A Fire

No one expected that one day this rescued ginger cat would save his human from death after a fire broke out in their house in Ohio.

Robin rescued this cat on the very the day he was supposed to be euthanized. How, eleven years later, her cat returned the favor and risked his life to save Robin.

Tony, who was named after a Catholic saint, now has a new name, Tony the hero fire cat.

Lawsons credits her very life to Tony.

She went on to explain that she was asleep in her bed with her dog and she heard him meowing, strangely.

“It wasn’t a meow meow or an attitude yowl,” stated Lawsons, “It was just a consistent meow.”

When she was finally awake she says her home was engulfed in flames.


via catloverscommunity.com