Woman Pays Adoption Fees For Mature Cats In Rescue To Honor The Beloved Cat She Lost!

As all of us pet lovers know, losing a fur-baby might just be one of the hardest things we will every have to do!

Furthermore, each and every one of us grieves the lost ones in our own unique way(s.) There is no right way or wrong way to grieve, either

Some of us cry a lot and detach from the rest of the world, while others of us may throw ourselves into things like work or into an interest or hobby.

Then there are those of us, much like the woman this story is about – those who decide to commemorate the dead by celebrating the living!

When this woman’s beloved cat, whose name was Saffron, passed away, she decided to help older shelter kitties in need by covering their adoption fees. All in an effort to help them get adopted!

Her goal is to get as many of these senior cats into homes in time for the holidays as possible!

What an amazing woman!

“Angels walk among us. On Friday, something very special happened,” states a post on the MEOW Cat Rescue Facebook page, which is based in Kirkland, Washington.

“She became a Guardian Angel for every adult cat in the shelter. Every beautiful one of them. A Guardian Angel is someone who pre-pays the adoption fee for a cat…which means that there will be no fee at the time of the adoption.”

We should mention that the standard adoption ‘screening’ process still applies. These cats are not just given away to anyone who shows up!

People who’ve been wanting to adopt a cat might just open their eyes to the possibility of taking in an adult or senior cat instead of a kitten – an adult or senior cat who otherwise, might be simply ‘passed by’ or ‘overlooked’.

It gives people who might be on the fence about adopting an extra incentive to physically go into the shelter, to actually see what cats are available!

The woman’s idea puts money back into the pockets of those who adopt – money that can then go to buying things like kitty litter, food, treats, and toys for the new fur-baby of the house!

That these ‘donations’ of such a “Guardian Angel” – in honor of Saffron – truly will bring awareness to these beautiful adult cats, which may help get them into forever homes!

“I wish I may, I wish I might…find a home by Christmas night,” states the rescue’s Facebook post.

All of the cats pictured in this post are just a few of the adult cats at the rescue that need forever homes.

For further information, please visit the MEOW Cat Rescue website.

via iheartcats.com