Woman Rescued This Kitty When She Was Just 2-Weeks-Old – Look At Them Now

This is Lamp! Lamp is an adorable rescue cat who will surely brighten your day!

In the clip below, you will see Lamp the cat mimicking her human mom in the most adorable of ways.

According to Lamp’s human mom, Lamp was a mere 2-weeks-old when she was found on and rescued from the streets without her mama cat.

“I literally found it on the street after I almost ran it over. If it weren’t for my friend in the passenger’s seat screaming when she saw the kitten cross the road, I wouldn’t have ever stopped to notice, and taken it in.”

The name Lamp was inspired from the movie “Anchorman”, when the character Brick stated the line, “I love lamp.”

via catloverscommunity.com