A Broken Hearted Man Finds a Best Friend On His Doorstep!

Some time ago, a man was left with a broken heart after his long relationship ended and was in obvious need of a friend. One day, his prayers were answered – coming back home, he found a tiny kitten on his doorstep and he immediately knew he got a new pet.

“I have serious abandonment issues, and I wouldn’t leave him outside. Meet Fajita, my new cat,” the man wrote online.

As soon as he opened the door, little Fajita run inside as it was very hot outside. The man gave the kitty water and gave him something to eat as well. The kitten was obviously hungry and thirsty and wolfed the fajita down. That’s why he named it fajita – it was the first time the two of them shared a meal.

The next day, he decided to take the kitty to the vet. He went to the store to get a carrier, and little Fajita was patiently waiting for him home. The man says he had to earn the cat’s trust, but they bonded quickly.

The vet saw that Fajita didn’t have a microchip and that he was underweight. The cat was in a bad shape – his eyes were nearly closed due to conjunctivitis and he was suffering from a respiratory infection as well. Luckily, the therapy was pretty light – all Fajita had to take were antibiotics.

When they got back home, Fajita jumped into the man’s lap and sat there for quite a while.

Both needed each other at that time and it was great they met at the right time. “I was feeling a bit lost, but his tiny meows got me through a hard time,” the man says. This relationship was simply meant to be.