Woman Sees Strange ‘Creature’ Crawling Up Driveway And Her Heart Sinks When She Gets Closer Look

WARNING: if you have a weak heart, don’t continue reading! The story about this cat is pretty special, but it will get dark before it gets better.

Pamela Latham found a severely injured cat in her yard one day and it was clear she needed help. The cat was pretty beat up and bloody and Pamela felt really sorry for her.

In fact, Pamela didn’t even notice it was a cat due to the injuries! The cat had deep wounds on the face and body and needed immediate medical attention.

Pamela did what most people would do – she treated him to the best of her abilities. She cleaned his wounds and gave the cat food and water.

The kitty wasn’t even aggressive – all it needed was rest and some food. The cat was taken to the vet the next day. The diagnosis was bad – the cat was in worse shape than it looked. Pamela named him ‘Battle Cat’ not because of the injuries, but because the cat fought for his life like a true warrior.

The cat’s face was in the worst shape. Besides the bruises and infections, one of the cat’s eardrums was ruptured and his eyes were swollen. It looked like he fought Mike Tyson in his best days!

Obviously, the cat spent some time on the street before coming to Pamela’s home. He was certainly lucky. The vet made a recovery plan for ‘Battle Cat’ and Pamela stuck to it. Once the infections were treated, the future started to look much better already.

Still, the cat had a long way to go, and Pamela’s daughter created a GoFundMe page to cover the cat’s extensive medical expenses. They only needed $500 in the beginning, but they had $2000 in their hands in only a couple of weeks!

After the cat was out of the woods, Pamela took it home and named it Lazarus. Thanks to her family’s help, this kitty has been given a new lease on life.

If all people were as kind as Pamela animals wouldn’t suffer. Lazarus regained his energy after a while and all his injuries disappeared. He also got a new home in the process, all thanks to a kind woman and her family.