This Cat May Look Ugly to Everyone, But She’s Perfect to Her Mom!

When they see this video, most people will go “What the hell is that?!” or “WOW! She’s so ugly!” And yes, we admit that Possum the cat looks unusual – one would think she’s been badly burned or has a bad case of mange.

However, Possum is perfect for her mom. She was found in a backyard in North Caroline, where she was born with a litter of kittens. Her mother was unfortunately feral, so Stephanie (Possum’s owner) and a co-worker of hers took care of the kittens.

All the kittens in the litter except for Possum were normal-looking. Possum was the runt of the litter, but Stephanie doesn’t mind it. Everyone deserves a chance at life and thankfully for Possum, Stephanie made sure she has a home.