18-year-old Senior Cat and Her German Shepard Friend Both Dumped at Shelter For Being “Too Old.”


Meet Alexi; she doesn’t have much time left at the shelter because she was surrendered, and she’s also a senior. On Monday, the owner of 18-year-old Alexi and Sheba, a nine-year-old German shepherd, were unceremoniously dumped off at the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services because they were “too old.”

Alexi is quiet one and loves to be petted. If only someone could offer her a soft, sunny spot to rest. After all, older ladies need their beauty sleep. If she could speak, this is exactly what Alexi would say:

“I am quiet, but I love to be petted, and will press my frail little head and body into your hands for gentle pets and scratches. If you are there for me, I will literally be there with bells on. Please give me a loving home my last days. They call me a Rag Doll but I call me Love. I am A500795, at City of Long Beach Animal Care Services.”

And as for Sheba, the kind German shepherd .. it is estimated that he is anywhere from nine to 14-years old age. Sheba is described as very sweet, seems non-reactive, has lived with other dogs and cats, loved laying around in the yard, getting a bath and also a brush out. She is a certifiable favorite to some of the medical team. Sadly there is not a long line at the door waiting to adopt a senior, but Sheba and Alexi are worth far more than the heartless owners that tossed them away. Please share their plight with approved rescue organizations, your family, your friends and social media contacts. it’s true, sharing saves lives.

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