No One Wanted To Rescue This Blind Kitten Until …

His name is Blinkin. He was a kitten who desperately needed some help. Although he was an otherwise normal kitten, he was blind and helpless.

Sadly he was separated from his mommy and siblings and was standing across the road, wet and muddy. All of that changed when one woman named Allison decided to take action. She decided to take him in and started raising him.

The kitten climbs on Allison and loves to stay as close to her face as he can! The kitten absolutely loves laying on Allison’s lap, or around her neck, or laying on her shoulders.

He only knows her only by her voice.

Although Blinkin isn’t able to see, he’s very loud!

Allison is a true animal lover and back in her days she had cats and a couple of dogs too, however, she’d never come across a cat as beautiful as Blinkin.

He absolutely loves cuddling and gets as close as possible to Allison’s face!

Blinkin loves Allison as much as she loves him!

Photo credits: Allison Friese │ via

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