Working Man Finds Kitten In The Trash, Knew He Had To Help

Kitty meowing to his rescuer in his new home! searching through a trashcan outside his work, possibly for scraps of food. This kind man stopped everything he was doing and reached out to the kitty to offer help and later on, a loving home.

“This little guy was just hanging out in a trashcan at work today outside. We are hoping a coworker didn’t juat toss him in there and that he climbed in on his own. Luckily, we found him and now he has a new family!

“Gilligan (our dog) and Beans (our other cat) seem to love him just as much as we do!” reddit user aswog shared the story with the great folks at Love Meow.

“He was super filthy. It was so sad. He’s got an orange/copper tinge to him ever so light. We didn’t want to shampoo or bathe him too long. He has had a stressful day for sure.

Luckily where we live it is still 80 degrees (27 degrees C) out. We have him in a bathroom where it’s not drafty at all. Definitely trying to make sure he stays warm!”

The next day following the rescue, the kitty is all cleaned up and happy. This is him climbing up to his hero’s shoulder!

“Love this little guy already. He’s such a cuddler!”

One man’s trash is another mans treasure!

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