Rescue Kitty Loves Caring For Even Tinier Foster Kittens!

This is the heart-warming story of Roo Russ, a rescue kitten who hops and loves to take care of other rescued babies.

”It is really interesting because Roo relates to them in a way I wasn’t expecting.”


Roo was born without any elbow joints, and so, she hops. Marnie Russ of National Kitten Coalition absolutely fell in love with this kitty and gave her a loving home, but Roo didn’t cease to amaze her.

It all began when Roo met her very first foster kitten while at her forever home.

”I notice a few weeks ago that she was cleaning the healthy kittens and nurturing them,” Marnie explained to Love Meow.

“Usually, older kitties don’t want anything to do with the neonates, but Roo is desperate to be with them.””If I go in to feed them, she is always on my heels.

‘I would like to think that Roo recognizes the need in them that she had when she was rescued.

‘She doesn’t fit into any stereotype I have with the kittens that have come through my door.

‘I have never seen her hiss – nothing seems to scare her and she has yet to meet anyone or anything she doesn’t like,” Marnie concluded.






What a delightful little cat!