Cat Waited 9 Months to Meet His New Buddy For The First Time

Admiral the cat waited patiently for nine months just to meet his new buddy. He seemed to know the whole time that there was a little human in the mom’s belly.

They adopted Admiral at the shelter when he was already five years old. When Raven was expecting her child, Admiral seemed to know something was different and odd about her.

He became very attached to and interested in her her belly, constantly snuggling with it purring. When Raven was resting, you could always find Admiral staying by her side like a magnet, keeping her company and offering cuddle time.

While the baby bump was getting bigger and ever bigger, Admiral’s affection grew too. He began to hold the belly with his paws and spent more nap time hugging the baby bump as he slept.

It was as if Admiral became Raven’s little bodyguard and belly snuggler.

At 9 months of pregnancy, whenever Raven was having contractions, again Admiral came to offer some soft love and purrs.

Before long the baby was born… Admiral became his little human’s guardian angel and now you can’t keep them apart!

Their bond and friendship shall be unbreakable.