Tiny Kitty Loses One Ear – But Still Loves To …

UTAH – Hearo was thankfully rescued by the Humane Society of Utah (HSU) when he was a tiny six weeks old kitten. He was dropped off at the rescue with a terrible head injury and one of his ears was almost completely torn off.

His ear wound was completely infected and the poor kitty had to undergo an emergency surgery. After the surgery, an HSU employee there decided to take him home with her to give him the best kind of care.

Following the surgery, an HSU employee decided to take him home with her to give him the best kind of care. She even made Hearo her own tiny little cone out of a paper plate, since there was no standard one small enough for him.

With the cone safely preventing him from scratching the healing wound, Hearo wasn’t able to do those things kittens are so great at – playing for hours on end, running around, and having so much fun.

From the very beginning, he absolutely loved being cuddled – it seemed like there was nothing more he needed!

With time, the kitten grew stronger and stronger until finally, he was perfectly fit to be adopted – and adopted he was indeed!

Little Hearo snuggled right up to one couple immediately when they met and the deal was sealed. He was all ready and excited to play with his new human best friend, cuddle, and lick her face – Hearo chose his new parents and there was absolutely no question about it!

Now Hearo lives in a safe and loving home together with his furry siblings – who he also showers with endless kisses and affection!

For more information about the HSU and their work for animals in need, click here.

h/t: www.onegreenplanet.org