10 Cats that didn’t know that you would be back so soon

If you leave your cat alone for long enough, their weird dark side may be revealed. We all know cats can be weird and dangerous, but we rarely get them to show it. Leave them alone at home, however and you may be shocked when you get back.

Here’s are some pics which show cats that weren’t aware of their human coming back home so soon:

1. I wasn’t taking any revenge. This is just part of a game that we are playing with mutual consent.

2. If I remember correctly, you didn’t feed me today. So technically, it is not my fault. I was just searching for something to fill my tummy.

3. I was just checking if everything is okay in here. I can’t see you get hurt in any case.

4. I swear I didn’t mean to add to the mess in this home. I was just trying to help you clean up.

5. What are you looking at hooman? You think that we were doing that. No way, I was just giving him a back massage. He is in pain. Unfortunately, you never seem to notice when we are in pain.

6. You should have told us that you would be home early today. Or at least have the courtesy to knock the door please.

7. We will handle this our way. You don’t need to get in our way.

8. I was just enjoying myself. Why do you have to intrude in everything that I do. You better stay out of the home for some time. I like it that way.

9. Did you forget something? Then why are you back?

10. These kitties got a little awkward, but their hooman is totally enjoying it.