Feline Robin Hood? This Cat ‘Steals’ Money From People and Gives It To Charity!

As we all know, cats are mischievous, but we’ve yet to see a cat snatching money from people on the street! In 2015, Sir Whine-a-lot was adopted as an office cat by Stuart McDaniel from the marketing agency GuRuStu. The cat waited no time to make itself at home, even helping to solve the office’s pest problem.

However, two years later, crazy things started to happen in the office. McDaniel would come to work every morning ‘greeted’ by piles of dollar bills on the floor. He didn’t have any idea what was going on until he noticed the cat playing with the bills.

The neighborhood where the agency is located is full of bars and restaurants, so there’s a lot of ‘traffic’ nearby. People probably noticed the cat near the glass door and slipped him a bill and the cat grabbed it. Over time, it became a sort of a trend, and Stuart’s theory was confirmed when he did the same himself. McDaniel then renamed Sir Whine-a-lot to Cashnipkitty.

After a while, the word about the unusual kitty caught wind and the media were all over the story. Stuart explained that the money would go to a charity – the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless. As the man explains, if the cat’s already ‘stealing’ money and can’t use it, it’s best to give it to charity.

After the story went live, Cashnipkitty ‘stole’ over $110 over the weekend! That was a year ago – at the moment, the Tulsa Day Center received over $4,500 and thanked the cat on their Facebook page!

Way to go, Cashnipkitty!