10 Reasons Why Its Best to Adopt a Senior Cat!

Many time, senior pets get completely overlooked when people want to adopt a new pet. Everyone thinks the cute kitten will be the best addition to the family, but then what happens to all of the lonely senior pets?

Older pets are just as good as kittens – if not better. They make the best companions and truly understand the meaning and significance of getting a second chance at life.

In time at all, they can be loyal and loving members of your family.

Not convinced? Here are ten more reasons to adopt a senior dog and a senior cat.

Why older cats make the best companions:

1. When a senior cat is adopted, they seem to somehow understand the meaning of being rescued and are very thankful for the second chance.


2. Senior kitties already have their CAT-tastic purrsonalities, you’ll know if they are a good fit for your family unit right away!


3. Older cats can be trained more easily due to their longer attention span and impulse control.


4. A senior cat most likely already knows the basic household etiquette and rules like not attacking your feet as you walk by!


5. Most likely your senior cat is already litter box trained and is less likely to “forget” just where the box is.


6. You’ll already know exactly how big your cat is going to get! If you feed your cat an appropriate amount of food, your cat will stay the same size and you’ll know how much cat you’re getting.


7. Senior cats just love to relax just as much as you do! They make great couch companions, unlike kittens who always have a lot of energy and often times get into mischief because of their boredom.


8. Have you ever heard of or taken a cat nap? Senior cats will make great napping buddies!


9. Older cats are completely aware of what scratching posts and toys are for; they will turn to these things instead of your furniture.


10. Senior cats tend to remain the longest at a shelter – when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life!


So, the next time you’re thinking about adopting, just be sure to take a good second look at those amazing senior pets! You may both change each other’s lives – for the better!