10+ Times Owners Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together, However – The Pets Weren’t Having It

You’ve more than likely heard the phrase fighting like cats and dogs, right?

While there probably is a bit truth in the stereotype of cats and dogs hating on each other (they do having naturally conflicting temperaments, dogs are more social and playful while cats prefer their independence), with just a bit of luck and some very careful introductions the two can and will live together in relative harmony.

Bored Panda has compiled a gallery of photos of those times when our furry friends just did not get along, natural instincts took over and they fought like, well, to put it simply – cats and dogs.

#1 Silent Scream For Help

#2 Before And After My Dog Realizes I’m In The Room

#3 This Kitten Don’t Mess Around

This Kitten Don't Mess Around

#4 My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love… I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face

#5 Kittens Are Scary

#6 When Evil Does Not Stop

When Evil Does Not Stop

#7 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed

#8 Friend Just Got A German Shepard Puppy. Asked How Her Cat Is Getting Along With Him, And Was Sent This Pic

#9 Bastard Cat

#10 Owner Just Wants To Watch The News

Owner Just Wants To Watch The News

#11 Hey Look! Snow!

Hey Look! Snow!

#12 His Face Says It All

#13 I Didn’t Know I’d Have To Give Up My Dog When I Got A Cat. And By Give Up I Mean The Cat Now Owns The Dog

#14 Having A Cone Collar Fitted At The Vet Was Bad Enough, Then My Dog Had To Come Home To The Cat

#15 Fiancée Moved In And Brought Her Dog. We Were Worried About The Dog Bullying The Cats. We Quickly Realized The Reverse Was True

#16 My Pup Is Kind Of A Jerk

My Pup Is Kind Of A Jerk

#17 My Buddy Posted This On Facebook. He Just Got Married And Was Trying To Introduce His Cat To His New Dog

#18 My Cat Doesnt Like My Dog, Taking His Hate To The Next Extreme

#19 Nobody Knows What They’ve Been Up To!

#20 Roomba Cat Swats Dog Pit Bull Sharky

Roomba Cat Swats Dog Pit Bull Sharky

#21 Cornered

#22 We Just Adopted A Dog, This Pic Sums Up How The Cat Feels About Him

#23 Jerk Cat Gets What’s Comming For Him

Jerk Cat Gets What's Comming For Him

#24 Smell This For Me

Smell This For Me

#25 My Dogs First Meeting With A Cat Did Not Go That Well

#26 I’m Not Saying That My Dog Should Respect The Cat A Little Bit More, But….

#27 Don’t Let The Cat Keep You Down

Don't Let The Cat Keep You Down

#28 Love You. Asshole. Love You

Love You. Asshole. Love You

#29 Our Cat Doesn’t Like The Newest Addition To The Family, Gillie

#30 Adopting A Dog Soon So We Have Neighbor Bring His Dog Over So Our Cats Get Used To Them. Tonight This Happened