This Cat Could Only Spin Left Due to Head Trauma – Then He Was Adopted – and WOW!

This poor baby suffered severe head trauma as a kitten. As the result, he used to spin left and he wasn’t able walk in a straight line.

However, all of this changed when he was adopted.

This is the story of Verasen, the counterclockwise cat.


He was found on the side of the road with terrible injuries and was quickly taken to a vet hospital by a kind woman.

“When we adopted him he knew only how to purr and to spin counterclockwise,” reddit user Moorzilko stated. “I thought that he will spend his entire life being disoriented.”

However, Verasen showed his human family that he was a fighter, and with a little love and patience, he started to show miraculous improvement!

“He learned to walk straight while playing and to find his way walking by the wall. He’s 2 years old now and lives with a loving family!”


From what we hear, Verasen is quite the character.

“He moves just like a normal cat, jumps and runs around, it’s just the little things give away his strangeness.”

“His habits include not eating from the right side of his bowl; he will bite if you’re to the left, but don’t think you’ll hide on the right side; he’ll spin 270° and get you; ambush attacking ninja style while commenting every move by “meow”; getting dissapointed when you sneeze or making loud noises and meowing long and emotional speeches; sitting only at the very edge of a chair; rebooting by spinning 360° every time he gets confused; he knows that he can miscalculate the jump and fail it, so he always jumps higher than needed.”

“He’s so loyal that you can’t even visit bathroom at night without him being by your side.”

Verasen is now living the life of a completely pampered house cat.


Turns out, all he needed was a family that would give a place to call home.


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Photo credits: reddit/Moorzilko