14 Extremely False Things People Have Actually Said To Cat Owners!

These 14 statements, all which were made by someone, somewhere – are the very reason most cat lovers prefer cats over other human beings!

1. “Cats are evil and you can’t trust them.”

2. “Cats don’t love anyone.”

3. “You allow your cat to climb up on top of the ______?”

4. “Wow, your cat never stops shedding”!

5. “I hate cats because they’re always so angry.”

6. “Cats are just so cold.”

7. “You cuddle with your cat, but it doesn’t even care about you at all.”

8. “Cats only get attached to your home, not to you.”

9. “Why’d you even bother naming your cat? It’s not like he responds to it.”

10. “Cats don’t like to cuddle.”

11. “What do you mean you prefer cats over dogs?”

12. “The person who owns a cat is the one that becomes the pet.”

13. “Cats are only in it for themselves!”

14. “I don’t like either cats or dogs.”

via www.buzzfeed.com

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