14 Things You Know If You’re Owned By a Cat!

Everyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure – you do NOT own that cat.

You are nothing more than your cat’s gracious host, ensuring that it enjoys its stay at your home. You’re basically your cat’s servant.

We’ve all grown accustomed to this role, and we’re pretty much okay with it at this point.

And so, here are 14 things you know if you’re thoroughly owned by a cat.

1. You are always in constant competition for your cat’s affections!
The cat likes to let you know that it always has other options – like that sweet old lady down the street who feeds it freshly roasted chicken.

2.) Your seat is no longer your seat!
The cat is on it, so the seat now belongs to the cat until the cat decides to vacate it.
Do not try to forcibly move the cat because it will not end well.

3.) The cat owns anything and everything it wants to own!
The cat toys are his. Your shoes are his toys. Your hand is yet another toy.

4.) The cat food you bought is never good enough for your cat!

And so, you’re so desperate for its affection that you’ll feed the cat basically anything it wants.

5.) Your cat will never be a collar-wearing cat!
You try to somehow convince yourself that you and the cat reached the decision together, but you’re just trying to save face.

6.) You would never even think about laughing at your cat’s misfortunes!
The lengthy cold-shoulder you’d get afterwards just isn’t worth it.

7.) You will drop any plans you’ve made as soon as the cat decides to climb on your lap!

This is one of the most precious bonding time between the cat and its pet human, and you will not ruin it by having things to do.

8.) Cuddles end in the exact moment the cat wants them to end!
Your cat will strongly indicate when it’s had enough by hissing, scratching, and, if you still don’t take the hint, biting.

9. )You pretend to like the ‘presents’ your cat brings over to you!
The last thing you ever want to do is to hurt your cat’s feelings by screaming and kicking the dead mouse into next door’s garden.

10, ) You’re officially convinced your cat is a genius!
The fact that the cat will never obey orders is not proof that it doesn’t ‘understand’ the orders.
Your cat is just an independent thinker, that’s all.

11.) You always wonder whether a cat and a human can have an abusive relationship!
And if your family is thinking about staging an intervention.

12.) Only other people have cuddly, placid, well-trained cats!
But honestly, you prefer your sassy, strong willed cat – even if it is being a bit of a jerk.

13.) You seem to know your cat is totally playing you but you don’t mind!
In fact, you feel like your cat should be rewarded for its excellent manipulation skills.

14.) And finally, just when you’re wondering if it’s all worth it, the cat breaks out the cute!
And once again, you’re putty in your cat’s paws again.