Deputy Saves Cat Who Was Stuck in Garage Door – A Warning for Pet Owners!

LOUISIANA – A veteran deputy in Louisiana managed to come to the rescue of a cat who was stuck in the top of a garage door.

Deputy Mike Scott was called to a home where he found an animal that was stuck in the residence. He arrived on scene and discovered several neighbors and construction workers at the house – everyone was trying to help.

Scott and the other people removed the upper frame molding and were then able to get the cat out alive.

The homeowner explained to Deputy Scott that his home had been flooded and that he left earlier that day to get some lumber for repairs. He stated that Bella the cat must have been asleep on the garage door when he left.

Bella, thankfully, was not harmed.

Scott stated that he is not a cat person, but he wouldn’t want any kind of animal to suffer.

Way to go, buddy!