Girl Gets Kitten for Birthday and Her Reaction is Absolutely Priceless!

A six-year-old girl named Brooklyn missed her family’s two cats. The senior pets, Monty and Cramer, both died of cancer in the very same year, and the little girl was having a hard time letting go. Brooklyn kept asking her mother, whose name is Rhiannon Kostecki, for a kitten for her birthday.

Kostecki, who works as a veterinary assistant, didn’t want to jump immediately into having another cat in her home. One day, however,
a Persian cat at Kostecki’s vet office delivered a litter of six kittens and things changed.

One of the kittens, sadly, had a heart murmur and the breeder knew that this cat needed someone who would love the kitten, even with the genetic abnormality.

And so, Kostecki decided to surprise Brooklyn with the small kitten just in time for the little girl’s birthday. And Brooklyn’s reaction to the gift is one of pure joy.

When Brooklyn gently takes off the tissue paper from the top of the gift bag, the little girl stares down in complete shock and utter disbelief at the kitten inside. “Oh my god,” she yells. “It’s a kitty? Oh, my god, I can’t believe my eyes.”

Brooklyn’s parents help the girl to take the cat out of the gift bag and place it in the little girl’s arms. When she holds the cat for the first time, Brooklyn just seems to completely melt with happiness.

Brooklyn ended up naming the cat Max and the cute pair even has a Facebook page documenting their friendship.

Watch the video to see the magic here: