This Cat Realizes Her Owner Doesn’t Like Her Live Presents, So She Changes Tactics

Cats know that you’re doing anything for them. They might not look like it, but they appreciate the effort. Sometimes, they will bring weird tiny gifts for you that you may not like. There are many cases in which cats bring half-chewed rodents or birds to their owners as a sign of appreciation for their efforts. Gross, right? Our thoughts exactly.

However, this cat easily picked up on the mixed signals of her owner and decided to bring another gift instead. Take a look at what it is:

All cat owners are not appreciative of the little gifts that their cats get for them. And our cats may not like it when their gifts are continuously refused by people they love.

However, Baloo, the kitty, went head and analysed the situation closely. She was really upset why this was happening to her. But then she thought that maybe Ben, his hooman, had different preferences.

After a couple of rejections, Baloo finally understood what was going on. so she started bringing in different gifts.

Ben was really happy to see big leaves instead of live mice. He acknowledged the little gifts from that moment and made an effort to show the kitty that he liked her gifts.