Kind People and Compassionate Animals Work Together to Help Motherless Street Kitten!

This wee one of a kitten will literally win your heart! And what an amazing story she has!

This is the story of Crenshaw!


Sharra Platt was driving home from work on a Friday night

She caught sight of a woman and her daughter ho were just looking at a tiny kitten on a sidewalk.

The two of them seemed very worried and so, Sharra stopped to see what was going on.


The two walkers explained that they were looking for the kitty’s mama, but there was no mama cat to be found!

It wasn’t the safest neighborhood and leaving her there alone in the street would surely mean trouble. And so, Sharra decided to take the kitten to a safer place – her home.

Thankfully, Cranshaw was taken to a local vet and was given a clean bill of health!


When Crenshaw was first introduced to the family dogs, her new canine friends absolutely fell in love with her. Roxy, who is a 5-years-old rescue Pit Bull, gave her a bath each and every day!.

The bond between them grew! Crenshaw loves when Roxy tries to nudge with her nose and lick her. And Crenshaw loves nothing more than to curl up next to Roxy. Roxy became a very protective ‘mama’.


Crenshaw also befriended the family’s 11-year-old Pomeranian, whose name is Kasey, and they love to give each other head butts.

Even their resident cat, whose name is Lucky, became friends with Crenshaw, and the two of them play together all the time.


What a perfect story about the magic that can happen when kind people and compassionate animals work together to better the life of another animal in need!