Kitten Adopted by Local Mechanic After Being Trapped Inside Car!

HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINAI. — The guys who work at West Broad Hyundai in Henrico County are heroes — in the cat world.

The technicians found and then rescued, a kitten who was stuck inside a Hyundai Sonata driven to the shop.

When the owners heard the kitten’s frantic meowing, they drove 30 miles from Beaverdam to Henrico’s West End Tuesday for help.

After searching the entire car, a technician put the vehicle on a lift.

From that better angle, they found the kitten in the passenger side fender liner, behind the wheel.

“She was lucky, stated Jovan Chambers, who is a service tech at West Broad Hyundai and the man who captured the rescue on his phone.

“Seeing where she was, the fender liner was a nice little cubby hole for her,” he stated.

Service Tech John Newman explained he’s never seen anything like it.

“In my 11 years of being a mechanic, I’ve pulled out a lot of things, but this is my first kitten,” he admitted.

Once the kitten was rescued the question was then, who will adopt the kitten?

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The car owner said they couldn’t take in another pet so it would be up to the mechanics at West Broad Hyundai to make the call.

Newman said he knew the choice was crystal clear.

“I love animals,” he went on to say. “I couldn’t see her without a home. I have three kids at home that would love to play with her.”

And just like that the adorable kitten had a new home. Then, of course, she needed was a name.

“We got her out a Sonata so she had to be “Sonata,” Newman stated.

He went on to say that he went out on his lunch break to shop for some toys, food, and a litter box for the little kitten.

Once Sonata arrived at her new home, she fit right in with his six-month-old Labrador Retriever.

“They are already playing like there’s no tomorrow,” he said.

“It was a good morning, we are just happy she is safe now.”