High School Football Players Rescue Tiny Cat From Storm Drain, Hours Before Big Game!

MASSACHUSETTS – Two Massachusetts high school football players are currently being hailed as heroes after rescuing a cat stuck in a storm drain.

Bridgewater natives George Lampros, who is 17, and Max Sergio, who is 18, told InsideEdition.com they were on their way home to kill time before a football game when suddenly, they heard a loud, frantic squealing coming from behind them.

“We knew it was a cat,” Lampros stated. “We knew it was coming from behind us, so we turned around.”

The boys soon realized the meowing was coming from inside a sewage drain.

“I stuck my head, literally, in the drain and I could see the cat floating,” Sergio stated.

They called 911 but knew that if they waited for official rescuers to arrive, “It would have died. It was very close to death. It was very weak,” Sergio said.

“Even if we failed at getting it out, we can at least try,” Lampros went on to say.

Thinking quickly, the pair quickly sprinted to the house and grabbed a bucket and a shovel.

When they returned to the scene, they had attracted the attention to someone working on the road, who helped them lift the grate.

“We used a shovel to get the bucket underneath the cat,” Lampros stated.

In footage which was captured by a witness at the scene, the cat can be heard hissing and meowing as they slowly lift the bucket up from the bottom of the drain pipe.

In the end, their efforts proved to be successful. The group pulled the feline, who was soaking wet, back onto dry land.

Just moments later, the cat could be seen dashing into the woods.

Although their teammates teased them a bit when they heard about the rescue, Lampros and Sergio told InsideEdition.com they paid them no mind.

“It feels good to know that we did something that was beneficial,” Lampros concluded.