2 Kittens Left Outside In the Cold At Vet Clinic – in Empty Boxes!

NEW YORK – Two kittens are currently being cared for after they were brought to a local veterinary clinic without notice and left outside to survive in the cold.

“Personally, I don’t understand how anybody could do that to an animal,” Oakwood Veterinary Clinic Business Manager Casey Wagoner stated.

Wagoner explained that the kittens were left outside her family’s business. Security camera footage shows a man dropping them in front of the building around 6 a.m. Thursday.

“Like it’s nothing to him,” Wagoner stated. “He’s just leaving them there.”

The man left the two furries in two empty boxes with little holes. They were placed one on top of the other and left outside on their own in the cold weather for nearly two hours.

“We got them out and put them in a cage, got them some food, some water, blankets,” Wagoner stated.

Wagoner now believes someone’s cat – that wasn’t spayed or neutered – had some kittens that the owner didn’t want to keep.

“They do look like they’re in pretty good condition,” she states.
“They’re not skinny. They’re not matted. They don’t look like they’ve been living in the wild.”

Whether they were strays or not, Wagoner believes the man should have brought them to a shelter and not the clinic.

“They’re more equipped for adoption services,” she stated. “Again, that’s what they do primarily.”

The clinic does do some adoptions, but they also do have a waitlist.

Wagoner went on to say that anyone who finds a stray or wants to put their animal up for adoption should take them to a shelter.

Most importantly, Wagoner said it’s best to not leave them outside with little protection.

“If it were colder, there’s risk of hypothermia where they can freeze to death,” she stated “There’s also, especially with kittens, they could become hypoglycemic.”

“It’s just so disappointing to me because I would never be able to treat an animal like that,” Wagoner went on to say.

The clinic explained that the kittens will be ready to adopt in about two weeks. Both kittens are boys between 6-weeks and 8-weeks old.

If you are interested in adopting the kittens, call the Oakwood Veterinary Clinic at (518) 874-1718.