These Two Kittens Were On Death Row – Look At Them Now

Two motherless kittens ended up on death row, but their fate was rewritten when someone came to their rescue, took them in and gave them a life they so deserve.

They were so tiny that both kittens could fit in the palm of just one hand.

“Those two arrived as super tiny newborns from a local high kill shelter. Their names are Flora and Dahlia. 100% of the kittens we intake are from euthanasia lists. It’s a last chance rescue,” Saving Grace Rescue told the great people at Love Meow.

They took the kittens in and placed them in a foster home. They then needed to be looked after around the clock.

Flora when taking her first bottle from a volunteer would wiggle her ears and knead the air with her teeny paws.

Dahlia was completely white when she came to the rescue, but soon her true colors began to set in.

Once their eyes were opened, the kittens would adventure out of their nest and start learning to walk and explore.

They stole the hearts of their foster parents who just could not part with the two sister siblings.

Their fosters because their fur-ever humans!

It’s been a year now since they were rescued. Flora has grown into a gorgeous tabby cat and Dahlia is all grown up! too and what a beauty she is!

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