Orphaned Baby Rhino Finds True Friend With a Cat!

SOUTH AFRICA – Nandi is an adorable baby white rhinoceros who was just four months old when her mother was tragically killed by poachers.

She was completely unable to fend for herself in the wild, so The Rhino Orphanage in the Limpopo Province of South Africa took Nandi in.

Nandi needed to undergo surgery to repair damaged intestines. But, she is on the mend.

During her stay at the orphanage, Nandi managed to make an unlikely friend: a cat named Mewie.

Mewie’s owner’s name is Jamie, the caretaker and manager of The Rhino Orphanage. Together, the three of them go on daily walks and play.

Eventually, Nandi will be fully rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

The Rhino Orphanage is a non-profit organization which works with Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation to rescue and rehabilitate rhinos who have fallen victim to illegal poaching. The orphanage is the very first specialist, dedicated, and non-commercial center that cares for orphaned or injured baby rhinos with the sole aim of releasing them back into the wild.

The orphanage regularly posts their updates, photos, and videos of the baby rhinos on their Facebook page.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation takes care of medicine, medical equipment, mattresses & also special food for the Rhino babies, also supplies that are needed to help keep the orphanage operational.

What an amazing friendship!

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