23-year-old Cat Surrendered to Shelter Is So Thankful to Be …

A gorgeous senior cat found herself in the shelter at the age of 23. When a volunteer began petting her, she was so truly happy to be loved that she couldn’t stop purring.

This is the story of Miss Ora!

This old girl had been with her human since 1994, but for whatever reason, she was turned into the city shelter in Chicago, where her fate became uncertain.

Ora also came with a list of various ailments. “She is 23 years old, and he has had her since 1994,” CACC Cat Transfer Team stated.

“Not sure exactly why he would give her up after all of that time together, but he did mention that she has been peeing outside of the box and she has not been to the vet in a while.”

She is incredibly loving and literally purrs up a storm when volunteers give her head scratches.

They simply knew that the sweet-natured old gal didn’t belong at a shelter.

And so, volunteers reached out to Facebook for some help. Within a day, Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions came forward to rescue the sweet old girl from the shelter so Ora could have a second chance she truly deserved.

Young at Heart, which is a rescue and safe haven for senior dogs and cats in Woodstock, IL, is completely determined to give Ora a good life in her golden years.

Freedom ride!Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

“We have already rescued Ora, the 23-year-old cat from CACC. She’s currently settling into her foster home,” Dawn Kemper of Young At Heart explained to Cats Meow Lovers.

“After a busy afternoon complete with a freedom ride and a visit to the vet, this sweet kitty is settling into her heated bed, getting lots of love and thoroughly enjoying a special treat of baby food.”

Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

“Whatever this old gal needs, we’ll make sure she’s comfortable and happy for however long she is with us,” the rescue group added.

“Love Has No Age Limit™ and we’ll make sure she knows that!”

Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

Ora just before she was rescued by Young at Heart.


“Ora, age 23, is doing really well! She’s eating like a piggy, her urinary tract infection is all cleared up and she is a happy and beyond sweet old gal.

“We would ideally like to find her an adoptive home. We are quite certain she hasn’t lived with other pets before, but she loves her people and would love a home where she could snuggle and nap all day long!”

Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

h/t: www.lovemeow.com