Confused Kitty Who Has The Hiccups Asks Her Human for Help!

There are many things that us humans and cats have in common. One of them is surely having hiccups and why they are caused. In this video an adorable cat is having hiccups and looks quite confused about it.

When it comes down to our feline companions, hiccups appear much more often when they are kittens. However, they can occur in adult cats as well. They are normally caused by overeating or by eating the food too fast. When they do this, they might swallow a lot of air together with their food. This of course, results in spasms in the diaphragm.

In the video clip you are about to see, a cute kitty just couldn’t stop hiccuping. She was trying desperately to respond to her human simultaneously and it definitely looks adorable. Hopefully she managed to overcome the hiccups soon enough and she figured out what exactly is happening to her.


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